Plasma Screensaver

Plasma Screensaver 10.1.1

Classic Plasma effect screensaver for Mac


  • Authentic retro plasma effect


  • Should have more plasma styles to choose from


The plasma effect is a computer-based visual effect animated in real-time that used to look cool in the 1990's but now looks rather dated. It uses cycles of changing colours warped in various ways to give an illusion of liquid, organic movement.

Plasma Screensaver basically encapsulates this in a screensaver that brings the plasma effect to your Mac. It's thought that the plasma effect was invented by demo coders in the early 1990s and I remember seeing it used on the Commodore Amiga as a screensaver.

There's very little to Plasma Screensaver other than to let it mesmerize you with it's colors. There is however a small options screen panel where you can configure the speed and focus of the plasma effect.

Plasma Screensaver is a retro-style screensaver that might appeal to anyone whoever owned an Amiga or simply likes psychedelic colors.

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Plasma Screensaver


Plasma Screensaver 10.1.1

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